We provide medical and surgical dermatology care to our patients.

General Clinic Information: 
Dr. Woolner and Dr. Chia are specialists and they see new patients by physician referral only.  While we appreciate the recommendations from family and friends, in order for our patients to maintain up-to-date medical records, it is important to obtain a referral from your family doctor first.  Referral letters from the family doctor are appreciated and are an important tool in the care of patients as it aides doctors and their staff in obtaining a current and complete history including all previous treatments and medications used.



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Any office closures will be posted in the office and on the answering machine.  We see patients by appointment only. 

Please arrive 5 minutes before for your appointment to fill out our registration form and bring your Alberta Health Care Card and a list of medications.  Please keep in mind that all information obtained for your appointment is kept confidential.

We make every effort to see you in a timely fashion for your appointment.  We appreciate that your time is valuable and we also hope that you understand that your appointment is only for you.   There may be times when we are running late and we will notify you of this in a timely fashion.  As there are only a few dermatologists in Southern Alberta we sometimes have to see emergency patients from the hospitals and we appreciate your patience in this regard.

If you require a follow up appointment please book it prior to leaving your current appointment as there are limited dermatologists in town, Dr. Woolner may already be booked a few months in advance.

Please allow 24 hours or more notice for canceling your appointment so that we may use it for another patient.

If you would like your results phoned, you may complete a consent form for this service.

Prescription Refills: 
If you are an active patient of our clinic and you need a refill of your medication before your next appointment, please ask your pharmacist to fax a request to our office (403.247.7080).

Alberta Health Care and most other provincial health care providers (EXCEPT QUEBEC) cover medically indicated appointments and most treatments.  If Alberta Health Care does not cover any procedure, you will be informed prior to treatment.  If you decide to carry on with treatment, payment is due at the time of the procedure and we accept cash, Interac, Visa, MC, and Amex.  You will be issued a receipt at the time of payment.  Due to the number of private insurance plans, we ask that you contact your agency directly to see if they cover any procedure which is not covered by AHC.

Dr. Woolner and Dr. Chia will try and conclude all treatments within the appointment time given.  There will be instances, however, that a follow up appointment will be required to perform surgical procedures that require more time.  This appointment will be booked by our staff in a most timely fashion as you leave the clinic.  If suture removal is required, this will be done by our nurse, Susan.

Dr. Woolner and Susan provide a clinic for wart treatment only using various methods ie topicals, liquid nitrogen, and laser by appointment only.

Certain conditions require UVB light therapy and we offer this treatment during normal business hours.

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